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Dash of Inspiration: Fonts & Freebies

March 21, 2016


This weeks’ Dash of Inspiration is short and very sweet. I found some wonderful specials on fonts and a few freebies too I wanted to share.

These fonts from Hungry JPEG are $1.00 right now and though they state they come with a Commercial Use License, but remember it’s YOUR JOB as the person paying for the font and using the font to make sure before sticking them in your shopping cart.

Also, be aware that you should read about each font, as some may require specific software and/or know how to access the swash and glyph additions.

Hedgehog By Pollem.Co


Image courtesy of The Hungry JPEG

Cinderella Script By Moriztype


Image courtesy of The Hungry JPEG

Reckless Brush By Spasibenko Art


Image courtesy of The Hungry JPEG

Khanza Script By Bonjour Type


Image courtesy of The Hungry JPEG

Matthew Jason By Decavantona


Image courtesy of The Hungry JPEG

WOW! What a great way to spend FIVE BUCKS!


Okay for those of you who want FREE fonts with a CU license, check out these:

BlowBrush Font Made by thizizraz


Genome Font Made by Hanken Design Co.


Please use the following font sparingly. This is an impact font and you should not use it to write more than one or two words in a design.

Laff Riot NF Font Made by Nick Curtis



So until next week … Learn … Create … Inspire!

Remember to get those March Dash of Inspiration Design Challenge entries in!

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