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Dash of Inspiration: Photoshop Fun

June 13, 2016


Sometimes it’s just fun to take some time out and learn something new with the tools of your trade. Today I offer a few Photoshop Tutorials which might inspire you to experiment and who knows what you might create?

8 Steps to Adding Fantasy Lighting with Photoshop by Robert Cornelius at


Here is another by Robert …

5 Steps to Creating a Dreamlike Gown in Photoshop by Robert Cornelius at


How to Conquer the Most Difficult Hair Selections in Photoshop by DL Cade at – great for animal selections too!


Last, but not least –

Photoshop Background Eraser Tutorial by Steve Patterson at


Spending a little time learning how to do something you didn’t know how to do, will always reward the artist by taking them places they’ve never been before … and the destination may be endless.


Remember to check out the June Dash of Inspiration Design Challenge and join in the fun!

So until next week … Learn … Create … Inspire!


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