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Nuts and Bolts: The Art of the Title

September 9, 2016


Nuts & Bolts – The Art of the Title


A card title is just that, a title.  A one liner that gives the reader a quick idea of what to expect.


Along with the other important descriptive fields for your cards, like the keywords and Artist Notes fields, your card title provides valuable data and clues to both shoppers and search engines.


What are the makings of an effective card title?
1. Descriptive
2. Unique
3. Differentiating terms first, especially when part of a series
4. Does NOT need the word “card” in it as GCU appends that automatically
5. Does NOT need punctuation like commas or periods
6. Proper capitalization use of upper & lower case
7. Reads like a sentence or short phrase, not “word soup” (a list of terms)


Here is a summary of the helpful Card Title tips that the review team provides to artists:


Please make your Card Title more descriptive and unique. It is very important to have a unique and descriptive card title that relates to your card and image that is as descriptive as possible within the allowed space. Titles are not only used by shoppers but also provide valuable data to search engines and will help searching shoppers find your cards. Do not use generic titles like XMAS1, XMAS2, etc. Titles should be meaningful to shoppers. If your card is a blank any occasion card please add the terms Blank Any Occasion into your title. Please do not add the word Card at the end of the title as GCU automatically adds this to all titles. Lastly, do follow proper punctuation using upper and lower case letters.


TIP: When creating card titles for a series you can use the same card title, but put the differentiating text at the start of the title so it catches shoppers’ attention at a glance.  This is also helpful when the display of a long title gets truncated.
for example:
Godson’s 1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train
Grandson’s 1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train
Son’s 1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train


If the differentiating text, relationship in this example, is placed at the end of the title it risks being truncated when displayed or overlooked when read and these titles will all appear identical.


1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train for Godson
1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train for Grandson
1st Birthday with Teddy Bear and Train for Son


See more about what makes a good card title on the GCU Community Blog here:  



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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  1. Kati Cheldelin permalink
    September 10, 2016 12:46 am

    Thanks Mindy. This is very helpful.
    As I’ve updated cards, I tried to make the titles different, even in a series.
    Good to know that cards in a series may have the same title.

    Appreciate you taking the time to provide these tips and other super resouces.

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