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Custom Corner: Business Logos

June 7, 2017

Custom Corner – Business Logos


Branding is very important for businesses. Not only does it help customers and clients identify a company by their brand (recognition) but also differentiates their goods & services from their competitors. Every time a brand is mentioned or seen, represented by a logo, the brand is reinforced in people’s minds.


Offering custom products for businesses is important. The more tailored the product is to their line of work or industry and incorporating their logo, the more attractive the product.


Popular greeting cards for businesses outside of Christmas, New Year’s and Chinese New Year’s are Thank You for your Business cards, Happy Birthday Cards, and surprisingly, patriotic holiday cards like Memorial Day and Independence Day cards.


Here is a recent custom request to incorporate a business logo for GCU artist PamJArts.
Shopper request:
I would like to add our logo to the front of the truck above the windshield or on the door or both

Truckloads of kudos to Pamela on a job well done!  Thank you for delighting the shopper and differentiating GCU from other online card companies.
Here is a related read with some good tips: Nuts & Bolts – Design for Business Logos


A few additional tips:
1. be sure to watch your Manage Custom Requests and reply promptly
2. when submitting a variation on an approved card add a Note to Reviewer with the approved card’s product id number (“custom request based on pid#12345”)
3. if you have incorporated the shopper’s logo or company name in the design be sure to submit the card to your Private Gallery



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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