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Nuts and Bolts: Like Image Series Stock Card Creations.

November 17, 2017

Nuts & Bolts – Like Image Series Stock Card Creations


There are many different steps and guidelines with GCU’s Stock Card Creations service (aka: BigStock Cards) vs traditional submissions. Since announcing in 2015, the number of Stock Card Creation submissions is picking up speed and is now a collection of nearly 3,000 cards. All reside here as the primary category Collections >> Off the Cuff.


We have noticed that once an artist gets the hang of the tool it opens a floodgate of opportunities and ideas.


One thing that is the same that you may not think of is a like image collection or series.  Once you have a card design that you think is a real winner (and it has passed review), just like any other card, consider variations of the design for other categories like an age specific or relation specific series.


Here is a wonderful example of a Thanksgiving In Remembrance series by GCU artist Danielle Duckery:

Consider how that concept can be replicated for a different occasion / category as clever Danielle has done here for a Christmas in Remembrance series:
Be sure to follow the Series Concept Review process to save you and the review team time and grief.  Since Stock Card Creations are already expedited there is no reason to request FastTrack review as is customary with the series concept review process.


Note: While submitting a Stock Card Creations card, if it didn’t dawn on you to create a like image series and the idea for a series came after its approval, no worries! Simply create your next design (2nd like image submission) and include in the Notes to Reviewer your intention to create a series based on the original design PID######).


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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