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Wanted: New Cards for July

July 15, 2014

wanted new cards head

In the GCU Forum, you’ll find a sub-category titled Wanted: New Cards. Why should you be watching this category like a hawk? Read this Tips and Tricks – Wanted: New Cards article to find out how to beef up your store without breaking a sweat! In a nutshell, you can Fast Track these requests AND use Bigstock photographs, making the process a snap.

Here are some Categories and Sub-Categories that need cards:

Invitations > Cancer Head Shaving Party

Occasion > Congratulations > Cancer Survivor/Treatment > 1st Chemo

Occasions > Get Well/Feel Better > For Secret Pal > Hospital Fairy

Occasions > Congratulations > Anniversary – Organ Transplant > Liver Transplant > 20th Anniversary Liver Transplant
Occasions > Congratulations > Anniversary – Organ Transplant > Liver Transplant > General
There are quite a few organ transplant subcategories here begging for cards

Invitations > Wedding Attendants/Bridal Party Invitations > Be my Gift Bearer?
If you’ve already got a collection of wedding party invitations, add this one

Birthdays > Occupation Specific > Church Secretary

Occasions >> Congratulations >> Vow Renewal >> Year Specific
Make a personalized card too so customers can change the year


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  1. July 15, 2014 8:27 pm

    Some great tips here! Lots of new card requests and new categories in need of cards. GCU’s Stock Card Creations feature is a perfect way to create new cards for these requests quickly. We set shoppers’ expectations that they’ll see new cards for their consideration within 48 hours!

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