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Dash of Inspiration: Typography Review

January 25, 2016


Today I put together a quick one-stop place for you to grab our most valuable tips and tricks for typography. Whether you are new to GCU and greeting card design, having cards returned or declined for poor typography, or just want a reference when you need it – these links are invaluable tools to read and re-read.

Typography Golden Rules – Character spacing, line spacing, kerning, etc.

Typography Terms – Understand the terms and language used in typography.

Text Alignment and Balance – All text must have some balance within the design, with other elements and with other lines of text.

Text Placement – When creating a greeting card design, your card front text can not just be an after thought. Where you place your message within your image is very important.

Text Color – What color your text is can make or break a design. Color effects legibility and can make a lovely design look professional or amateurish depending on your choices.

Font Combinations – Using more than one font within a card design offers a great look, but you need to make sure your choices for combining fonts do not clash.

Font Choice – Choosing the right font for your design, the mood, and the recipient is a very important part of good typography skills.

Typography Nuts and Bolts

Start the New Year out with a goal to better your typography skills and you will reap the benefits of more card approvals, which will mean improved sales!


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